The Healing Community Food Challenge


During these trying times, The Healing Community MEDCo would like to continue to live up to its name by helping to build a community outreach program through the network of small businesses involved in the Lewiston Auburn Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. If other businesses could join in, this outreach could easily help hundreds of people in need in our community. While the virus has slowed many down financially, there are cornerstones of the community that haven’t felt the impacts yet. If we, as cornerstones, could band together (6 ft apart), a portion of those in need would have the goods necessary to ensure their family is able to make it through these challenging times.

Families in need will be made aware of “The Healing Community Food Challenge” via the Sun Journal, which has agreed to do an article on this challenge and help us get the word out in every way they can. We will also be announcing the challenge on the radio in hopes of attracting more families in need.

Businesses can help us help the community by participating in “The Healing Community Food Challenge” and pledging to support one or however many families they can, with family members currently out of work due to being in a demographic deemed to be at high risk for COVID-19 infection. The sponsoring business would buy groceries or a gift card to a local grocery store for five families in need once weekly until the State of Emergency expires. If another State of Emergency is proclaimed by Governor Mills after the current proclamation expires on April 30th, 2020, the sponsoring business would have the opportunity to continue to serve the community by continuing to supply groceries to the families they have sponsored.

People in our community are being affected in a major way by COVID-19, and we as businesses must realize that we exist because of the people in our community. In addition to people being affected, some businesses are being affected in a major way right now as well. For such businesses, we understand you are facing your own unique challenges in staying afloat, and we wish you all the best in navigating this crisis as the agile companies you have proven to be. For businesses that are affected less severely, please consider contributing some of your good fortune to those most affected by this unprecedented global crisis.

For more information on “The Healing Community Food Challenge,” please feel free to reach out to The Healing Community MEDCo. You can reach us by phone 866-42-MEDCo, (1-866-426-3326), or via email at

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