Maine’s Adult Use Marijuana Program

This Friday, October 9th, marks the launch of Maine’s Adult Use Marijuana Program.  The following retailers have active licenses:

Out of these 7 licensees, Jamy Enterprises will not be opening yet (stay tuned on this location in particular), neither will Northland Botanicals, Coastal Cannabis Company, and Sweet Relief Shop, all due to not having any available product.

Firestorm Cultivation in Bangor will be opening with 7-gram limits for customers.

Theory Wellness of Maine should not be supported at all. They are outspoken about their intent to put Maine caregivers out of business with their subpar Massachusetts product. Maine caregivers are a tight-knit bunch, and we all support each other. The statements by Theory Wellness of putting Maine caregivers out of business shows the true disconnect between Theory Wellness and the Maine cannabis industry and enthusiasts.

Seaweed Co. is your best bet to have a Maine Adult Use Marijuana Program shopping experience. The MEDCo owners will be attending Seaweed Co.’s Grand Opening on October 9th to show them support. Products may be limited.

MEDCo will be converting stores from Medical to Adult Use AFTER we have added additional Medical stores, so all of our much-loved patients will still have plenty of options for craft cannabis at affordable prices.

As always, MEDCo shall remain dedicated to the plant, the people, the community, and will make our future moves based on what is best for all of the above.

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